Protective Intelligence


By every metric, the role of protective intelligence is growing increasingly important for your security program, as it operates domestically and (especially) internationally.  Protective Intelligence is our medium for understanding not only threat matrix and risk level, but also trends, problems, solutions, as well as ideas to support the mission of protective security professionals.  The speed by which we can send and receive information, and the amount of information we need to evaluate, has eliminated problems in some areas and exponentially compounded problems in others.  Our team seeks to address issues stemming from these problem areas, offering next-level analyses and proven solutions with an eye toward the future.


Who We Are

Our content contributors come from organizations involved in protective intelligence research, corporate executive protection, threat assessment investigations, and related security intelligence fields.  This project,, is sponsored by the founding members of Ontic Technologies.  Like our readers, our team has a deep understanding of the daily requirements of protective intelligence initiatives, and as such, we intend to make the process more dynamic and efficient so as an industry, we can all achieve our shared objectives.