Protective Intelligence Tools: The Ultimate Threat Assessment Checklist

The Ultimate Threat Assessment Checklist

There are no shortcuts in threat assessment and protective intelligence research, but there are tools.

If you’re familiar with Psychology of Intelligence Analysis, then you know that retaining information is a critical weakness of the human mind. Whether we remember something is dependent on a number of factors, not necessarily whether it’s important to the task at hand.

Checklists serve as a guide to keep us on track when we’re performing tasks that require us to consider a range of important variables, any of which may be critical.

Below is our Ultimate Threat Assessment Checklist. It is meant to serve as a tool to keep your mind oriented toward key topics and ideas as you conduct your protective intelligence research.


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Thank you for taking the time to read and download our threat assessment checklist. This can be an especially valuable tool for the junior protective intelligence analysts in your organization. Please share it with your team and colleagues.

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Author Credit: This article was written by the Protective Intelligence contributors, Thomas Kopecky and Travis Lishok.

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