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10 Challenges Undermining Your Protective Intelligence Program

Protective intelligence challenges can be divided into two categories, although they aren’t perfectly distinct and mutually exclusive. Category One includes all of the challenges that are inherent in the process of an organization carrying out the sequential steps of the intelligence cycle: Planning & Direction, Collection, Storage, Analysis, Production, Dissemination, and Feedback.

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On Threat Information Sharing within the Protection Community

In the protection industry, the topic of threat information sharing has not entered many of our industry dialogues, which is overdue. Although information sharing is no easy task for our organizations, we cannot ignore the fact many potential threat actors we investigate may target multiple public figures over time. Therefore, it makes sense to consider sharing our investigative insights with the broader community, which will likely encounter this same potential threat actor – giving our colleagues broader visibility of threats, saving them investigative resources, and potentially saving lives.

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