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The security industry needs you.

The Protective Intelligence Team is actively recruiting contributors for the Protective Intelligence Blog and related publications.


Contributor  Process

(1) Submit article outline to
(2) Pending approval, you then submit your final draft
(3) The editor will contact you with their proposed edits (if any)
(4) Pending your approval, the article will be published in the Protective Intelligence Blog and re-posted via our social channels


Editorial Guidelines

First, the purpose of Protective Intelligence is to provide practical solutions for fellow intelligence practitioners in related security fields. These solutions may be in the form of analyses, comprehensive reports, or commentary on trends, technology, tools, professional development, and more.

Second, in regard to topics, our writing staff hold themselves to a structured editorial calendar. However, we are willing to make accommodations for submitted articles that have been approved by our editor. There is no strict list of topics. If you have substantive content that our readers can benefit from, then we will consider it.

Third, the length of the final draft articles submitted must be between 2,500 and 3,500 words.

Related Notes:

  • A biographical blurb about the author’s background is required with the article submission.
  • Protective Intelligence editors may propose changes to articles (with the author’s permission).
  • Contributors can retain copyright over their work.
  • Protective Intelligence does not pay its contributors.